Monday, May 4, 2015

Many women have been wondering why most men are always trying to...
Many women have been wondering why most men are always trying to...

Many women have been wondering why most men are always trying to pull away from them even if they are giving everything. Most of them even put the blame to men without thinking about everything that they have done during their relationship.

Instead of trying to blame everything to men, why don’t you try and ask yourself why men pull away. Is it because you are not doing something that you should have been doing or is it because you are overdoing things? Here are some of the common reasons why men pull away.

Changes During The Relationship

Changes are inevitable, especially to couples because as they begin to understand everything about their partners, there are a lot of things which will surely change. Most women are sweet when guys are still courting them, but sometimes, this kind of thing changes once they started their relationship. While most women would say that this is what most men do, you have to remember that there are women who are doing this as well.

Always remember that if you are planning to change during your relationship, make sure that it will likely be beneficial for both parties. Always think about the relationship above anything else.

No Space To Breathe

Women are possessive beings and most of them want more attention than anything else so they tend to get all the time and attention of their partners. They get frustrated when their partners started to spend more time at work, buddies and other activities. This is the time when they always demand their partners to spend more time with them.

This is not a bad thing to ask but asking too much from men, will make them think that you are trying to control them. You have to remember that this is one of the reasons why men pull away. You need to give them space to breathe and you have to remember that there are other things that men need to prioritize.

Not Saying What You Mean

Women expect men to understand what they want even if they are not telling them what it is. This is actually the same as expecting men to read your minds and understand what you desperately want. More often than not, this is the cause of misconceptions because women fail to tell them what they really want. Men take things literally so if you say No, then it is definitely No and vice versa.

If you are expecting men to understand what you really mean, there is a big possibility that they will pull away from you. Always tell them what you really want because they are not psychics that will easily determine what you would like.

These 3 common reasons why men pull away are very important if you really want your relationship to workout. You have to remember that failure in relationships is not always the fault of men even if women are giving their best to fix the relationship. There are times when overdoing things can cause a lot of problems between both parties.