Thursday, March 26, 2015

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Organic Landscaping Techniques
Many people are becoming more interested in using landscape techniques that do not harm the earth. In addition to being excellent for the environment, organic landscaping can also supply benefits for your budget and for your health. One of the most alarming things to many people is the fact that some pesticides and fertilizers can harm their children. When you have children or grandchildren, it seems kind of a waste if they can not play on the lawn due to the fact that there is fertilizer throughout it. Similarly, the improper use of pesticides, or often even the proper use of these chemicals, can leading to sickness. Another benefit of organic gardening can also be felt in the budget. If you use the resources that you have at hand, you can actually save money with do-it-yourself organic landscaping, rather than paying money for chemicals to unnaturally enhance your plants.

One of the best ways to practice organic landscape is to use native plants. It is much easier to naturally promote the health of your landscape when the plants you use prosper in your area. Bringing in exotic plants or non-native plants from areas with really different conditions only leadings to irritation and the possible reliance on chemicals to help you care for them. If you intend to keep a landscape that works with the natural setting, native plants, or plants from areas with similar conditions, can help you accomplish this.

The lawn is most often the most visible part of a landscape. It seems as though many people thing it is needed to use a lot of chemicals to keep bugs from wrecking the lawn or to help the lawn grow well. The truth, however, is that by actively caring for the soil in your lawn along with the lawn, you can develop a healthier lawn. This can be done in a number of ways that do not involve chemicals that can be unsafe to the environment and to your health.

One of these ways is the use of organic fertilizer. There are compositions of fertilizer made entirely of organic materials. These fertilizers do cost more up front, but as they are used on a regular basis lower long run costs. The decrease the need for chemicals that can become expensive (and if applied wrong can actually damage you lawn more than help it), and they do not need to be applied as commonly. So, the cost commonly evens out eventually, as you have to apply the synthetic fertilizer much more commonly.

Another way to care for the lawn is to use practices that promote healthy soil and better lawn roots. One of these practices is aeration. Aeration eases soil compaction by punching holes in the ground. This helps by making the soil much easier to go through. This indicates that the roots have more room to go deeper, and organisms, like earthworms, that actually help the health of your lawn, have more room to move about and make their homes. This leadings to naturally healthy lawn that stands up to bugs better and keeps weeds out on its own.

Top dressing and over seeding are other organic practices that improve the health of the lawn. Top dressing is the act of taking composted organic matter and mixing it half and half with sand. A thin layer is then spread over the lawn. This actually improves the lawn rooting, developing healthier, hardier lawn, without fertilizer. Over seeding is a method that uses more than the recommended amount of lawn seed-- about one and a half times more than the recommended amount. Over seeding promotes quicker germination and leadings to a thicker lawn that fights weeds.

Fertilizer, organic or otherwise, is not even needed if you practice common sense in using organic gardening techniques. You can even develop your own compost and mulch using lawn clippings from the lawn mower and leftovers from the garden. Raked leaves and want needles and weeds can also be used. By leaving them to decay, you are developing nutrient-rich organic matter than can be used to, in turn, improve the health of all the plants in your landscape, not just lawn. Organic gardening can be a really satisfying and money saving effort when you do it yourself.